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This Is The Time

June 26, 2012

                               This is the time; little did I know this would be the day! 

    Mary Lou and & met several months ago for a lunch meeting, she impressed me as Regional Vice President of Five Rings Financial LLC, a  leader with her financial company & success in the marketplace. In her industries of Network Marketing & as a financial advisor she has a unique opportunity to help people with two different ways.  One technique is she has them take their job income, and she teaches them how to invest, save & decreases interest & insurance premiums.  In short most families of 2 kids & 2 adults are saving them around $300 per month.

    Basically through their monthly savings, their now equipped to get a second stream of income started. Which typically is through the network marketing industry?

    These folks actually have synergy working together, 2 different type of business’s that she merges together in one presentation! Brilliant!!

    The value that she adds to her client’s gives her many referrals, which in turn helps them both.  She brings an element of well rounded knowledge and profitability within their partnership.

     Mary Lou adds a special business savvy & motivation to the table, I am extremely excited to be working with her in business. Our partnership will only grow into many good times & great results; we have developed a great friendship in a short time.

     To share her amazing quote that truly got me interested in her home business is one thing:

Creating a great business:

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Profitable

That says it all, are you ready to uncover the most powerful tool you have?? YOU

 Warmly Suzan

Click here to learn more:



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