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Blogging & Posting on Purpose

June 14, 2012

Blogging on Purpose with Michelle Pescosolido

  I am excited to share with you a webinar that I attended with MLSP L4 master of Internet Marketing Michelle P. I have watched her several times teaching and training on how to market with Facebook, absolutely love her teaching style. She is super relatable to those of us that have not worked on the Internet before.

   In saying that I have never been good at blogging, or writing my own blogs. This is my first time I have written a blog, and thought this would be the perfect subject to write about. I have a new confidence and courage that I got from Michelle last night on her webinar.

   Michelle shared many of her great statistics of how she is converting her blogs into leads which ultimately has brought her great content & business.

Here are a few examples of what I learned:

  • Clarity of Focus~ what is your intention?
  • Setting up your blogs correctly the first time.
  • Finding your niche, what defines you as a marketer?
  • Create a solid foundation with your blogs, w/ opt in forms
  • Share something free.
  • Call to action.
  • Use plug in’s, links, MLSP.

   The Plug in’s were great to learn about and was new information to me. Michelle offered to us the different links and places to go to enhance your blog. She shared with us how to get more traffic, with an amazing step by step formula to bring good content to the marketplace.

So now I have put myself out there for you to see how I am doing. My intention is to be a good student and continue to learn and grow my knowledge base.  I have been making videos on the great information I receive from MLSP daily morning calls. Hoping you enjoy my blogs and please feel free to leave me comments.

Suzan Bafford

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