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Today I Begin A New Life

May 23, 2012
 Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hardest Decision We’ll Ever Make

Had another amazing conversation yesterday with a new friend and kindred soul, Dr. Jeff Spencer. He was the doctor and coach for the U.S. team that won the Tour de France eight times—the most successful sports franchise in history. He refers to the Tour, a 24-day, 2,300-mile event, as the “Death March.” 

Dr. Spencer has spent his life down in the trenches coaching people who are covered in mud, bruised and bleeding, who are digging down deep to access one more ounce of strength—a champion inspiring champions. Lance Armstrong writes, “Jeff is part doctor, part medicine man…we couldn’t have gotten to Paris without him.” 
 A few weeks ago a mutual friend, Jeff Zisselman, sent Dr. Spencer a copy of my new book, Today I Begin a New Life. He read it, got it, and called. Our conversations are quickly becoming regularly scheduled “feasts for the mind.” 
Today our conversation turned to what it really takes to overcome unhealthy habits of thinking—our human blue print, as Dr. Spencer calls it—and rise triumphant regardless of the challenge. It was inspiring. 
Deep into the conversation, we expressed deep concern for a pandemic illness that has cast a dark shadow over much of the self-improvement world, swallowing the hopes and dreams of millions of unsuspecting victims. This deadly illness is called the ease-disease. 
Infected, a person can spend inordinate amounts of time and money engaging in self-improvement programs hoping to discover the secret for magically manifesting a life of comfort and ease—no more stress, pain or frustration. Sadly, far too many succumb to both the disease and the endless search for the magic potion. 
We both agreed—the hardest decision a person may ever make is to give up this deadly pursuit and seek instead the real cure—a conscious choice to engage in life. Champions embraces principles, connect and serve others, intentionally create value everywhere they go and with everyone they meet. They focus on contributing to world not receiving their piece of the pie. They want to stretch and grow and become all that they were meant to be. Dr. Spencer calls this the Champions Blueprint. 
We both concluded that based on the circumstances faced by many, this decision may be scary, even terrifying, and the work required, overwhelming and even seemingly impossible. Some may even want to believe that it’s too late. 
 Dr. Spencer added, “Ease is easy to sell—it’s enticing—but it NEVER delivers on the promise no matter how much time we spend or money we invest.” I added, “Yes, and in the end, the pursuit leaves us depleted and empty—broke, broken, and angry—living in a life filled with failure, misery, and sleepless nights.” We both agreed that these consequences are unavoidable. 
By the end of our conversation, it was more clear than every before. The hardest decision a person will ever make is a hard option to sell—it requires change—real and lasting change—but with it comes a promise of success, happiness and peace of mind. These promises await all who choose this journey. 
The choice is ours to make—pursue ease or choose to be a champion, willing to pay the price for a champion’s heart. No one can make this decision for us. It is deeply personal. Success or failure hangs in the balance. May we choose wisely. 
Dave Blanchard 
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Og Mandino YouTube Channel Introduction


My favorite Author, Og Mandino

Suzan Bafford


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