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It’s Essential– Fulfill Your Potential

May 15, 2012


“The greatest waste in the world is the difference between what we are and what we could become.”

 -Ben Herbster


Are you striving to fulfill your potential?  You have been entrusted with a mission.  You have an assignment that has only been given to you.  There are problems in this world that will only be solved if you solve them.  There are lives that will only be changed if you change them.  There is music that will only be written if you write it.  You are uniquely designed and equipped to fulfill your mission.  You are equipped with everything you need to succeed.  Everything about you has been meticulously molded to prepare you to fulfill your destiny.  You are equipped to be extraordinary.  There is a risk, however, in becoming enamored with the assignment or excited about the gifting and talents we have been given to fulfill it.  We can become celebratory in the revelation that we have the potential for greatness, instead of being sober, vigilant, and diligent to fulfill our potential.  Yes, you are called and appointed.  Yes, you are gifted for greatness.  Yes, you have a manifest destiny that far surpasses anything you can imagine. Yes, you can accomplish the impossible.  You can transform the world and the lives around you.  But don’t celebrate, elevate!  What are you doing right now to unleash the potential inside you?  What are you doing to put your gifts and talents to work?  What are you doing to climb higher?  With the gifts you have been given comes the responsibility to use them for their intended purpose.  With responsibility comes accountability.  You are accountable to become the best person you can be and to deliver on the mission entrusted to you.  Don’t get comfortable where you are.  There is more for you to do.  You can make a difference.  What you have to offer is needed and intended for this time.  Stop debating and contemplating.  The answer is yes.  Deliver on your destiny.  It’s essential.  Fulfill your potential.



For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require and demand all the more.


Luke 12:48 (AMP) 

Suzan Bafford


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