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Articale Marketing Strategy for Struggling Network Marketers

April 30, 2012


article marketing strategyIf you feel overwhelmed or frustrated that your network marketing business is not going the way you want it, these article marketing strategy will help jump start your success.

One of the most cost effective ways to promote your product or service is to create content rich articles and post them online. Every article you create has a good chance of getting ranked on the first page of many of the top search engines.

Here are a few article marketing strategies you can use starting today.

Article Marketing Strategy – Keywords

The first step in article marketing is keyword research. Keywords are used everyday by millions to search online. Using a keyword tool called Google Keywords is going to give you the best results on whatever others are seeking. Once you find 10 or so good keywords you will want to search google with those terms. Google is going to show you what kind of competition there is for each keyword. The less competition there is for a particular keyword, the better your chances of ranking within the first page or top 5.

A good article marketing strategy taught by all the top seo experts is to look for keywords with less than 100,000 pages and us an “exact phrase match”. And an even better benchmark to follow is to find a keyword that has less than 1,000 exact pages indexed by google. If you see keyword with less than 1,000 pages, then you have a winner.

Article Marketing Strategy using MyLeadSystemPro


Any business owner, network marketing specialist, or affiliate marketer who wants to get online fast should get plugged into MyLeadSystemPro. This system is built for beginners and professionals.

Beginning business owners can use the article marketing pages, use the system auto responder, upload a few videos, and generally just use the same system all the top Income earners use to build their business.

Professionals can use the mlsp system to enhance what they are already doing. The system lets the professionals brand themselves, build a targeted opt-in list, and earn additional income on complete autopilot.

Article Marketing Strategy Solve Problems

If you are looking to collect up to 19 different checks and building a new stream of income. Then you want to distribute and promote articles that solve specific problems others are having. A good example would be “How can I drive massive amounts of traffic to my website”. This would be a great topic, and even a great article marketing strategy. The solution to driving more website traffic is the MLSP system. So your goal is to write articles, host them on your own website or on the mlsp system. Then promote those articles so they rank well in the search engines, and drive tons of hungry prospects right into your opt-in form.

Make it a great day 🙂

Suzan Bafford

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